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Small cap OFS (Oil Field Service) business sales are underrepresented by investment banking / business brokerage firms. Thus sales of this size either fail to transact or take months and months of false starts and business disruptions.  We are OFS.  We have been in the industry all our professional lives and have extensive knowledge and relationships necessary to maximize transaction value, in a realistic timeframe and transact with a buyer who will value and respect the passion the seller has put into growing their business.  We are passionate about creating value for our customers by assisting them with a simple, efficient, and timely sale of their OFS businesses.
  • We only take deals where the seller has a realistic expectation of value.
  • We leverage established relationships with a broad based of OFS active buyers.
  • We have deep expertise in OFS and OFS transactions.
  • We only represent businesses which are at least 3 years old. We don’t sell start-ups.
We focus on sell side representation for smaller entrepreneurial owned OFS (Oil Field Service) businesses who are
seeking to sell a portion or all of their business. We only accept engagements where we believe there is a realistic
expectation of seller’s value in order to conclude a transaction within 120 days.
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We focus on sell side representation of established small cap OFS companies, typically below $15mm in enterprise
value. This size transaction is too small for the traditional investment banking firm and is typically handed by a
business broker. Most business brokers focus on a variety of industries and are not specialized in OFS. They do
not have the industry knowledge, the decades of experience, and relationship in the industry necessary to
efficiently transaction timely and maximizing sellers value.  We do.
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